The art of bakery

artisanal wholesale craft bakery

From slowly fermented artisan sourdough bread to everyday sandwich loaves and rolls. We make brioche buns, vegan buns, pastries and assorted gluten free bakes.

Baked Fresh Daily

We aim to work closely with our customers to create products that suit their business needs. Delivering 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.


Over 400 Customers

Sourcing all of our products from local farmers and supplies, staying true to our values whilst using high-quality ingredients at all times.


Supporting Local

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baked for sofia

Melbourne Based Wholesale Bakery

Baked for Sofia started with a vision of Creating a difference through innovation and improved service. 
We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products made by combining traditionally handcrafted skills with modern and innovative methods and machinery.
We source the highest quality ingredients, taking great pride in our exceptional product and long lasting relationship with both customers and suppliers. 
We thrive to be the best in our field, constantly searching for opportunities to grow and evolve together with our customers
Hand crafted, fresh baked daily.
Creating products to round up all your business needs in one place. 
From traditionally made sourdough, to a variety of burger buns and sandwich rolls options, bagels, pastries, a large range of vegan bread, and gluten friendly options.
Baking authentique, fresh to order & crafting a unique product to your satisfaction.

Delivered fresh 6 days a week

Straight into your business.

Aiming to securely deliver your order overnight, prior to your business opening hours, so you can prepare and serve only the freshest products to your customers

Supporting Local

We take great pride in giving back to our community.

At BFS, we believe in supporting our local community by sourcing all of our products from local suppliers. Not only does this ensure that we are always getting the highest quality ingredients, but it also allows us to abide by our values and support a sustainable economy. 

Our commitment to using locally sourced products is one of the many reasons why people love what we do.