Our Story


With the ambition of creating a positive change, Baked for Sofia is a family owned bakery started in 2015 in a 25sqm rental space, and by knocking on doors it steadily proved to other businesses across Melbourne that bread can be done differently. Focusing on the core values of honest baking;  enforcing high quality of ingredients and product consistency, while never compromising on flavour and customer service.

Today BFS is producing in a large scale factory setting, delivering to over 400 customers all over Melbourne and beyond. Whilst our business has grown, our core values remain the same. We’re as dedicated to making the best baked goods as we are to helping create a healthy, sustainable business community. Our dynamic industrial team is passionate about reaching for new goals and driving our business forward.

We take pride in our customer service and long-lasting relationships with all businesses, customers and suppliers & aim to work closely with our customers to create products that suit their business needs. We thrive to be the best in our field, constantly searching for opportunities to grow and evolve. Baked for Sofia takes pride in being a bakery that sources all of our ingredients from area farmers and suppliers. 

Dov & Immy Lachovich Marcus